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tray-tables :

  • a café-bar or a supper club where meal is served during the day

  • the day ends

  • the music leads the hours

  • the place becomes a void with nothing else but the line of seats around

  • tables are stacked away on top of each other back at the kitchen

  • they have no legs

  • the legs are now spotlights buried in the ground lighting up the dancing people

  • these legs are piston tubes, adjustable at any height desired, presenting the comfort to have meal, just snacks or a couple of drinks.

DuPont Corian tabletops :

  • they are trays

  • each module is 35 x 70 cm

  • have holes and deep/shallow graves for tableware and glassware, napkins

  • the color is white or the lightest hues of any color to let the spotlights beneath, at the tips of the piston-legs, to spread their illumination through the material for a phosphorous effect.

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