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door of light :

A door is mainly a hole for passing through a wall from one space to another, whether it be open or close.

It may be defined as a threshold as well since it beras the tension to show what's on the other side.

This door keeps the-hole-in-the-wall almost open at all times yet visibility is not permitted by the use of light.

It's basicaly a door with laminated glass or acrylic panel mounted to the wingframe.

Fiberoptic heads are placed into the same cavity at the wing to let spread the light through the glass for obtaining a curtain of light when the door is closed. Thus it becomes a highlight stating the transition inbetween spaces.

The other lighting system which is placed inside the frame is active once the door is opened whereas the wing-lights turn off. This frame-light may simpşy be small electric bulbs aligned in the cavity of the door-frame. (Contemporary update : these would be LED light lines.). Frosted glass conceals this cavity.

This is useful when one enters a dark space and searches for the switch by the door. And now this door dimly lits the space before you enter.

A wide variety of materials could be used at both the wing and frame structure and surfaces; wood, aluminum, paint etc.

The sequence of the lighting systems may vary depending upon endless desires.

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