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Instillation Project for Zeytinburnu, Istanbul


The project proposed aims to import a knowledge of a way of living by means of using and renovating the existing substructure while imposing new architectural codes and values. The necessary urban transformation in the region for a more habitable urban area is obtained by an instillation method. A gradual and gentle process enters the region and mutates the existing urban fabric into a new pattern which will offer more appropriate spaces for the social life of the region.


The given site is divided into 4 zones from north to south. Each zone has a couple of blocks which are outlined and defined by the traces (streets) of the existing pattern. This framework provides the construction process to benefit from the existing substructure such as drainage and sewerage systems, the main wireframe of natural gas pipelines etc. They are protected and restored regarding the demands of the project. The yards surrounded by the housing masses on each block offer a communal space for the residents of that block and for the neighborhood as well. They are enriched by trees and greenery, thus are huge green gardens almost like small urban parks. The social life which the existing fabric lacks of is provided by these inner yards. The arcaded passages through the blocks allow a widened perception of 'green' at ground level, a continuous park is formed as one gazes and wanders through the blocks and streets. The storeys of the blocks are diminished above the arcaded entrance passages so that the opposite block could have a glimpse of the green yard of the other one and let more sunshine inbetween the blocks.


The process starts with Zone A and proceeds from north to south. Zone A, taking advantage of the existing voids, contains the highest blocks which will temporarily host the existing population of the next phases during construction.


A pedestrian viaduct of about 10 meters high starts with a ramp from the park located north, runs parallel by the hippodrome and lands at south where the fishermen port is. This viaduct would serve for the uninterrupted continuity of pedestrian move through all the blocks across the site, much like a linear urban pedestrian bridge giving views to dynamic perspectives.

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