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The perception of the stucture is ironically similar to the lines on plian - an analogous vertical scheme is almost lifted off the ground to form the tower. It's nearly invisible when viewed from inside, the structure merges with the lines and the geoglyphs on the plain.

The observatory-lodge is a modular system which is composed of boxes scaled according to the required areas. These boxes are placed inside/inbetween a wireframe gauze-like steel structure. The essential 'height' factor spontaneously stretches the strycture while the lightweight boxes sit anywhere available regarding the given plan requirements. 

The circulation areas and paths are open spaces to let the visitors enjoy the views while accesing through. 

The wind gently sweeps through, generating a natural ventilation by the help of wind-hatches placed at calculated spots on the structure. Photo-voltaic cells may be hung up as resources providing solar energy. Also, mirror panels could be located above the rooms at the right angle to seize the views to the plain while lying on the bed. Each bedroom has access to view the sky as well.

The look-out terrace is a pure glass box, leaning out, finishes the structure.

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