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12500 M2

The mid-rise residential project is located at Jumeirah Village. 

All of the apartments have a generous loft type design with mezzanines and spacious living units with voids as high as 5 meters. Each apartment unit has an abundant open space as a wide balcony or a terrace which is separated solidly from the adjacent one hence maintaining its complete privacy and comfort. These are distributed along the facades almost like small inner courts with built-in large planters and jacuzzis which contribute to the penetration of greenery into the fabric of the urban community. The sliding sun-shading louvres maintain visual privacy and provide a natural micro climatization regarding the intense sunlight conditions of the geography. The grids of the facades act as porous surfaces full of greenery and shadows that help the building appear rather less than a solid mass.

The structure empties more of itself as it rises, the load bearing items are left alone, naked, thus forming a delicate framework which acts as a sort of screen for shades and an identity to define the limits of open space at those levels. Shading pergolas, plantscape, paved/lawned flooring and small pools are the general characteristics of this floor, serving a private use for the apartment lofts of the last residence floor.

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